Service Announcements

Attention for ALL Routes: Due to variables such as; -STAFF SHORTAGES -CONSTRUCTION, -DISRUPTIONS, -ACCIDENTS, -MAINTENANCE, -WEATHER, -CIRCUMSTANCES BEYOND CONTROL –ETC; ALL ROUTES may vary from designated/posted times, may be placed on a re-route, and/or cancelled altogether. Transit tries its best to make this information available, but may not always be the case. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY PLEASE CONTACT EMERGENCY PERSONNEL. For all other inquiries please feel free to contact Santa Fe Trails Transit Department @ (505) 955-2001.
CHANGES @ SANTA FE TRAILS TRANSIT:: Starting Saturday, January 15th, 2022; Santa Fe Trails Transit will be operating on a “MODIFIED” Weekend (Saturday and Sunday) Schedule, as well as a “MODIFIED’ Weekday Schedule (Monday through Friday); until further notice. Modifications to the previous WEEKEND schedule consist of Saturday Schedule now following an identically Sunday Schedule timeframe. Modifications to the previous WEEKDAY schedule consist of: • Most Route’s “scheduled” services ending one (1) to two (2) hours earlier; • Re-initiation of Routes 24 and 26; • Suspension of Routes 5, 6, M, 21, 22, & Santa Fe Pick-Up Shuttles; • Creation of an “Express Service”; • Continuation of “On-Demand Services”. In lieu of running suspended Routes (Routes 5, 6, M, 21, 22), an “On- Demand Service” has been initiated. In Lieu of cancelling under-utilized routes an “Express Service” has been initiated. Express Service: An “Express Route” is a fast tracked variation of the previously established route. (Example: The Route 2 is normally a 29 minute route from the beginning to end, of a single in-bound/out-bound run. “Express Routes” would make that same in-bound/out-bound runs in 20 minutes.). *The best way to interpret what passengers must be at a stop, in order to catch an “Express Route”, is use the time stop for the previous location. If you’re located at any stop from Santa Fe Place Mall to South Capital train station, it is required you be at that stop at the Mall timeframe. If a passenger is located at any stop between South Capital and Downtown, it is required they be at that stop at the South Capital timeframe. (Example: If a passenger is located @ Lujan IB during the first “Express Run”, they must be at that stop by 5:30 am time - as the bus will pass that stop between 5:30am and 5:40 am.)* On- Demand Service: This “On- Demand Service” will provide travel to & from bus stops on suspended routes ONLY. To request “On- Demand Service”, you must first be located at a “suspended” bus stop/route to request pick up, or located at Santa Fe Place Mall or Downtown Transit Center. If you are located at an active bus stop, you must first make your way to a transfer hub (SFP or STC) to call and request a ride to an inactive/ suspended bus stop. ON DEMAND SERVICE WILL NOT PICK YOU UP OR TRANSFER YOU TO ACTIVE BUS STOPS/ ROUTES! To request “On- Demand Service” please contact Santa Fe Trails Transit Call Center @ (505) 955-2001.